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Dunyvaig Castle 2018 – Breaking News!

The press release is now out and so I can finally share with you all some wonderful news!

We have found the seal of John Campbell of Cawdor!

With an engraved date of either 1598 or 1593 (the jury is still out), this seal is an exquisite archaeological find that is both rare and highly informative. Either date would corroborate the known ownership of Dunyvaig Castle by Sir John Campbell of Cawdor, who in 1615 was thought to have expanded his lordship from Dunyvaig to cover the whole of Islay. This excellently preserved seal helps to contextualise the date of the floor surface found in trench 1 and also offers a rare primary example of upper-class Highland administration tools.

Want to know more? Come and view the seal at our closing event this Thursday, 30th August in the Ramsey Hall, Port Ellen, Islay.

(Photo Credit: Islay Heritage)

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