Speaking at Digifest 2018

Yesterday Dr Matthew Nicholls and I attended #Digifest18 at The ICC to talk about 3D modelling in teaching in learning. It was great to have such a large audience interested in the #VirtualRomeUoR project and it resulted in some very interesting conversations. The panel discussions, technology stands and speakers of Digifest brought up a variety of interesting issues, with Nick Wooley of Northumbria University making an important point regarding the relationship between student needs and digital implementation.

As a classist and an archaeologist we were admittedly outnumbered by strategists and technicians, but this only further invited unconventional connections that together, could produce a nuanced perspective on the digitisation of academia.

I am looking forward to next years conference and can recommend both the venue and the event to any folks interested in the application of digital solutions within their discipline.




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