About Archaeology Grrl

Archaeology Grrl is the collective musings of Bunny Waring. A field and research archaeologist since 2001, she has trained students of different backgrounds, academic levels, ages and needs in the field, online & in the classroom. Bunny’s research is heavily influenced by a passion for interdisciplinarity, especially between ancient literary and archaeological evidence. In between organising conferences, seminar series and workshops with her network SAHID and maintaining an outreach profile online, she approaches traditional research topics from entirely new perspectives.

Current Research Projects

  • Imitated Innovation: Communicating Power in the Sullan Era.
  • Virtual Rome: A Digital Reconstruction of an Ancient City.
  • Sung, Drawn and Quartered: A Cohesive Investigation into Bread as an Emblem of Ancient Roman Identity.

Current Fieldwork

  • Silchester Bath House
  • Dunyvaig Castle

Passionate about digital humanities resources, Bunny created this website as an online forum where people interested in history could find information on topics of interest. The name Archaeology Grrl is a combination of Bunny’s professional career and personal ideologies.

The blog is a mixture of excavation journals, introductions to ancient figures and themes, book reviews and contemporary news regarding archaeology and ancient history.

If you want to start a course in Latin, explore a 3D model of Rome, track down legislation and specialists, or watch video on how to knap flint tools, then head over to the Resources page.

The Projects page is a photographic archive of previous excavations and projects. All images are my own and I retain all copyrights. If you’d like to use some of the images, just drop me an email and I will provide you will the correct accreditation.

And finally, the Shop. Who doesn’t want helpful and historically-themed gifts? All made by Archaeology Grrl herself.